Welcome to this WebSDR receiver (running PA3FWM dist11 software), located at the QTH of M0KWR in the small village of Stibbington 6 miles west of Peterborough east of England.

Operated by M0KWR......Any questions about the receiver may be sent to Email

> The Stibbington 160 & 80meter WebSDR uses a SoftRock Lite receiver on 160 mtrs and an SDR Play on 80 mtrs. Both receivers are connected to a 240 foot doublet at 50 feet. If you see the the watterfalls are black this means I am probably transmitting as the doublet is also my transmitting antenna. These SDR receivers are publicly accessible and listed in the WebSDR directory. More information about the WebSDR project can be found on http://www.websdr.org.

My Kiwi SDR receiver is available here http://kiwisdr-m0kwr.ddns.net:8073/.More Kiwis at http://kiwisdr.com/public/

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? kHz @ -6dB; ? kHz @ -60dB.
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